Once in a great while, a mega-trend and a visionary company find themselves in perfect alignment. This is one of those rare moments. Welcome to Chilli Flames – an exciting new grilled, healthy food concept set to capture the UK and the globe.

Today, consumer tastes, needs and spending are reshaping the look and taste of fast food. Today’s consumers want their food fast, great tasting, healthy and wholesome. Chilli Flames delivers all of that in a way no company ever has.

In fact, it is one of the most exciting food concepts to be brought to the UK and global markets. Fast, fresh, grilled and tasty from the same family that brought you the most recognised independent fast food chains in the UK – Maryland Chicken. Our company history is steeped in the fast food industry. It is a remarkable feat for family business that started in a small rural town in the UK in the early 1990’s.

But, Chilli Flames hasn’t been created to dwell on our past achievements. Today, no business on brand retains its competitive edge or its market leading experience by standing still.

We’re constantly adapting our consumer offerings by continually evolving and broadening our offering. We source the best ingredients for our products and by offering the best and most attractive meal bundles at the best value.

Things around us may change but we will continue to honour this commitment. And for us, these are the values which underpin the success of our business and will be at the core of the new Chilli Flames concept. This will be the main ingredient and essence on our business objectives and strategies. Our aim is to become the best grilled food service restaurant brand in the UK and in our target markets across the world.

We will get to our target goal by:

  • Having exceptional quality food at the best prices
  • Ongoing investment
  • Best customer service